Welcome to the Business-Portraits site.

Business Portraits has ceased trading. Dan and Matt thank you for all of work we have done together in the past and hope that we work together in the near future through our new separate ventures.

Matthew Dickens can be reached at: M: 07836 299301 DD: 020 7160 6282 E: matt@imagecomms.com W: www.imagecomms.com

Dan Towers can be reached at: M:07973 859602 DD: 0845 222 0140 E: Dan@Flick.digital W: www.Flick.digital

James Robinson can be contacted by either emailing Matthew or Dan.

The copyright of all Business Portraits images has been transferred jointly to both Dan Towers and Matthew Dickens. If you wish to use any Business Portraits credited images in anything other than an editorial context please contact either Matthew or Dan on the email addresses above.

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